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The creators also opened the memory box, and in their giant tribute to the 80’s and 90’s, they offered a place of choice to the denim jacket. It must be said that this half-season piece is a fantastic vector of symbolism. To wear it is to evoke youth, counter-culture, America, the pioneering spirit, freedom. It’s rock’n’roll and street culture. It’s James Dean, Bob Marley or Madonna in their big hours. In short, a concentrate of cool. At a time when we are celebrating the memory of Johnny H., eternal ambassador of denim, this trend is timely.

But if you are not 20 years old, and to go a little further, you will have to dare to treat it like a chic garment. We do not necessarily recommend jeans from top to bottom (though …), but rather delicate blends: yes to the flowing dress, the wide pants or the printed skirt. It remains to know how to handle it not to pour into a total-look a bit first degree. Or, worse, in a rough workwear, too rough formwork.

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The classic denim jacket is part of these mid-season jackets that last from season to season, defying all the vagaries of fashion. Whatever the trend, the jean jacket is always present and in-de-trô-nable in our wardrobes – in the same way as the perfecto and trench – at large as at small. (Small parenthesis … you can read the article on how to stay elegant and feminine in perfecto but also an idea of ​​look in trench) Even when we finally decide to sort in the dressing room, we say “naaaaaan … she, I keep it, she can always serve! “. I’m sure you recognize yourself there … It’s not true ?? Well, you’re right, you can always do something with your denim jacket, today as in 20 years!