Fitted denim jacket for women: how to wear it?

Street style: They all wear the denim jacket
February 22, 2017

The classic jean jacket we like. But for the winter, we prefer an ultra soft and super hot filled version.

Like woolen skins and other furs, this winter the denim jacket is on the go. More cozy than our usual jacket, it also has a small country side that is not displeasing to us finally. But far from us the idea of ​​looking like a farmer in the Tyrol – whatever you have against these ladies. Let’s say that our thing is to pimp the denim jacket filled to honor its extraordinary fashion potential.

The right dose of chic
Want a trendy look but not sassy? We put on a model in raw denim without washing, matched with an ivory wool for the woolen effect. If we want our jacket to be very tight, we opt for a piece of which only the exposed parts are lainé. Basically, it is not actually filled, but it looks, thanks to his collar and the ends of his sleeves. Side look, it plays refined, pencil skirt, cashmere sweater and suede waders in support. If the weather does not announce too much wind, we can even wear our jacket on the shoulders, to the Italian, to emulate the stars of the fashion week. Class, no?

For girly girls, the best is to choose a jacket of a lighter blue, even hyper light. It is paired with pastel pink pieces and silver shoes for romantic outfits.

We can even go even further in the color, emphasizing the little details that exacerbate our woman-child side. Embellished crests of a thousand and one colors, arty effects and even sequins, the denim jacket is customized like any jean jacket.

The tomboy spirit
For girls a little tomboy too, the denim jacket is a must. Just capitalize on its cozy and comforting appearance. The faded models used a bit and, above all, not bent for a dime are our best allies for an androgynous silhouette. We wear our jacket one size or two above ours. Besides, you can buy it at the men’s department to make it even bigger. Yes, for once we agree to spoil our habits in terms of clothing sizes!

We skip the mini-skirts for this time and we dare denim all over with a canvas overalls ultra comfort blue or a slim destroyed. The eighties sneakers and the little grunge details are welcome to accentuate the masculine-feminine effect of our teen style look. To complete our range, we would be tempted by an ear cuff and a lipstick wine so dark, which gives us character.

Whatever our style, there is always a shearling denim jacket that suits us. After, it’s up to us to create looks that look like us!

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