Instructions to wear a denim jacket

Tips to wear the stylish denim jacket
November 22, 2017

The classic denim jacket is part of these mid-season jackets that last from season to season, defying all the vagaries of fashion. Whatever the trend, the jean jacket is always present and in-de-trô-nable in our wardrobes – in the same way as the perfecto and trench – at large as at small.

(Small parenthesis … you can read the article on how to stay elegant and feminine in perfecto but also an idea of ​​look in trench)

Even when we finally decide to sort in the dressing room, we say “naaaaaan … she, I keep it, she can always serve! “. I’m sure you recognize yourself there … It’s not true ??
Well, you’re right, you can always do something with your denim jacket, today as in 20 years!

For those who are skeptical, take off your head that the denim jacket is too “teenager” and that after 40 years, you can not … If, I assure you … you can still

Here are some easy-to-reproduce combo ideas for a variety of stylish looks with your denim jacket. So you will not forget that she trailed at the bottom of the closet …

And do not forget to tell me in the comments how you like to wear the denim jacket on your side. I wish you a very good start! Sweet kisses to accompany your recovery …

And if you do not feel like wearing denim, find out why wearing yellow at school is a good idea …

1- The denim jacket with a small dress with delicate prints

2- The denim jacket always works perfectly with the little black dress (whatever it is)

3- Same principle for the jean jacket + the little white dress = it works every time! (including lace)

4- The denim jacket eases the dress / sexy evening skirt or glitter + sneakers and voila!

5- Same principle with the pencil skirt, in the opposite logic: it makes it less strict … Ditto, with sneakers and you get a casual chic look.

6- When the freshness comes, the denim jacket is revealed in “layering”: play the overlays ladies!

7- Another option when it is cool, combine your jean jacket with a wool sweater skin … in a beautiful mesh and if possible with a large turtleneck that you bring out over the neck of the jacket.

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