The thorny case of the total denim look

Street style: They all wear the denim jacket
February 22, 2017
Worn denim jacket, faded, softened … 20 years old
July 15, 2017

Connected high school, denim jacket is a must mid-season that can be perfectly integrated into his working girl wardrobe. Modus operandi.

Centerpiece of the mid-season, the denim jacket is a basic that no longer presents. And it comes back this season in a form that we thought was reserved for our early youth: stripped, bleached, patched and willingly oversized. Fashionists have understood this well to catch the eye of street style photographers: they generally opt for oversized models, if possible frightened and generously patched. Tic mode in addition? Wear it like a cloak, thrown with the right dose of flippancy on the shoulders. From Gucci to Zara, we are spoiled for choice to find this kind of jackets in the trend. For those who want to bet on a more timeless version, we turn to a denim more sober and adjusted, which ends above the buttocks, preferably in a beautiful raw canvas. Once worn, one immediately treads his sleeves to reveal his wrists or those of his top to air the silhouette and give it a more worked look.

By her very casual nature that reminds us of our high school years, she gains to be associated with sophisticated pieces. We avoid the sweatshirt or regressive T-shirt to favor blouses, fluid dresses, jumpsuits or lingerie-inspired tops, strong trend of the season. When we take out our big winter coats (alas, always sooner than we hope), she can still interfere underneath. A way to extend the fall while protecting yourself from the cold, as Jenna Lyons, J. Crew’s artistic director, so often does.

The trend of jeans on jeans is chestnut fashion. If we keep the image of the couple too matched to be honest formed by Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears forever etched in our retinas as the ultimate faux pas mode to no longer commit, the total look (also nicknamed Canadian tuxedo) drags an irresistible smell of sulfur mode. An exercise in style as perilous as exciting that brilliantly fall some modeuses. To rub it without getting stung, we put on radically opposed jeans tones and densities of different materials such as a slim black or navy thick associated with a raw denim jacket or a finer washed denim shirt. The lighter shade at the top illuminates the face while the darker at the bottom helps to visually thin the legs. What we avoid to look like a figurative western misplaced.

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