Tips to wear the stylish denim jacket

Worn denim jacket, faded, softened … 20 years old
July 15, 2017
Instructions to wear a denim jacket
December 15, 2017

She stands out as a must-have to have in her closet. Learn how to wear it according to your style, your age and your body type.

Rescued from our high school years, the denim jacket is indestructible. Year after year, she follows us without ever getting “old-fashioned”. The older she gets, the more we love her. Whatever its style, morphology, age and tastes, it adapts to almost anything. But to avoid the effect “back to college”, follow our advice to find the right model and how to wear it.

Rock version: exit denims too faded, long raw materials, blues frankly indigo, even black denims. The best ? A model close enough to the body, worn the collar slightly raised and associated with a slim black – or a mini leather skirt – and a pair of studded boots that makes noise – or a pair of cowboy boots. And under the jacket? A T-shirt with the image of his favorite rock band!

Retro version: we choose it short and very fitted and we associate it with a gingham style skirt BB or a midi length dress to play its feminine cut. To accentuate this vintage look, you can also add a bandana: around the neck or slipped in the headband hair, glamorous effect guaranteed! A perfect version for women with voluptuous curves but the size marked.

DIY version: this is THE trend of this season spring-summer 2017. Between funny patches, printed or embroidered messages, discreet patches or XXL, it is the race to which will have the most personalized jacket.

Version 90’s: for a well-grungy look, put everything on an oversized model, worn unbuttoned on a simple white T-shirt. Past 30 years, still avoid rips and washes too cheap. If you feel it, try the wedding with jeans cut “mum”, very tall and also very connoted 90’s. Do you doubt that too much? So, fold on a simple slim or a pencil skirt, just to make it less formal.

Folk version: yours fringed models and jackets with straight edges. Enjoy it: the folk trend never goes out of fashion completely. Just avoid the total look: no associations with suede, tye and dye and fluids too. Do the opposite and modernize your fringed jacket with a heavyweight jumpsuit and boost it with an ultra chic handbag.

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