Worn denim jacket, faded, softened … 20 years old

The thorny case of the total denim look
April 2, 2017
Tips to wear the stylish denim jacket
November 22, 2017

I keep ? I do not care? I have no pity for the cheap parts that took a hit in the wing.

The frills, loose rhinestones, faded ribbons, frizzy seams are aging badly. If your jacket is dark denim or light, slightly arched, with shoulders in their place, a priori, it is all good.

Is she still so good?

To check in front of your mirror.

As for the jacket of the years 90-2000 (loose cut, shoulders drooping, wide armholes), she returns but she is more difficult to assume when one is not a girly grungette of 20 years. Do you recognize yours? The thrift stores are full: it’s the best friend of the “mom jean”, this high-waisted denim that you may have worn yesterday and postponed today. Under-25s love to pair them with their XL, slim and bootie sweatshirts.

Either you assume your fan side of Kurt Cubain, or you wear it as if you were going to scroll at Vetements.

You can also decide to find a brand new one.

Is the classic denim jacket still news?

The cut is straight, slightly fitted, in dark or light denim with a hint of lycra for comfort. You will find in all brands of jeans for less than 120 euros.

But if you find the traditional denim jacket too classic or too fancy stuff, you are free to go for feminine details.

Embroidered flowers on a raw denim …

You can opt for the total-look jeans with studded belt, cowboy boots or boots as in magazines. Why not do it all with crisp hair, a silk square, red nail polish or a beautiful piece of jewelery.

Otherwise wear your denim jacket with everything.

On a fine sweater, a t-shirt or a dress, it acts as vest (less granny) or jacket (less stuffy). If it is a bit long, try to belt it.

No problem to slip under a coat.

Like the jeans you wear all the time, the denim jacket goes with everything: you do not have to tear your hair to know which colors or parts to associate, it works alone.

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